Urbe Tenebris

Dante visits planet earth for the first time in his young life.

The spaceship, he built himself out of scrap parts, took him to UrbeTenebris. Guided by his AI-driven cat assistant Felis he’s discovering New York in the year 2121 where the first ever robot was elected as the new major of the city.
This crypto artwork consists of 3 pieces: Earth 2121, Cockpit and Helmet.

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Open Editions

All 3 angles of Urbe Tenebris sold separately.

Urbe tenebris city Earth 2121

Wide angle view of Dante landing in New York City in 2121.

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Urbe tenebris COCKPIT

Close-up of the cockpit with Dante standing in front of his spaceship.

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Urbe tenebris HELMET

Close-up of Dante's helmet, overlooking New York City in 2121.

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