Dante 7

the story of an astronaut

Dante looks at various parts of our future planet from multiple angles. The NFTs are being created by Belgian artist Seppe Van den Berghe, who combines his passion for design with motion and sound.

with a story

NFTs  are changing the future of collecting, selling and experiencing artwork. While this new form of art is still in a very early stage, lots of digital trash is being created to make a quick buck. Dante 7 is different, it takes digital art to another level.


As more sets become available you will learn more about Dante 7. Each set consists of 1 scene, viewed from 3 angles.
Design, motion and sound make each scene a modern digital artwork. Each time you look at it, you discover something new.

Urbe Tenebris

Guided by his AI-driven cat assistant, Dante 7 sets his first steps on planet earth. On his first solo exploration, he lands in New York of the future.

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Ferrum Larva

What will Dante 7 visit next, so far we can only reveal the name of the next set of NFTs: Ferrum Larva.

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